5 Celebrities Reveal Their First Job Before They Were Famous, and the last one is shocking

Today we bring to you a list of 5 celebrities who share their first jobs before turning into Hollywood’s superstars.


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Before becoming the most desired man in Hollywood, Brad Pitt studied journalism but retired before graduating. Before coming to Hollywood, he sold refrigerators, drove famous people in limousines, and wore an elegant chicken costume for a fast-food chain.


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Before Jennifer became a powerhouse vocalist, she served tables at Burger King.


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To pay bills and earn a living, Mean girls’ sweetheart Rachel McAdams served tables at Mc Donalds.


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Before Madonna turned into a sensational pop singer, she served at Dunkin Donuts in New York.


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Before Tom Cruise became the star hero of Mission Impossible, he attended a ceremony to become a Priest. Before that, he also worked as a bell hop at a hotel.

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