Gujarat CM likely to be announced on Friday

The newly elected legislators of the BJP in Gujarat are expected to meet in Gandhinagar on December 22 to elect their leader, who will be the next head of the state, according to party sources.

Union Minister Arun Jaitley and Party Secretary Saroj Pandey, who has been appointed as the Chief Election Observer, will consult with members of the Legislature prior to the announcement of the new head of government.

Although outgoing President Vijay Rupani is still the favorite of the desired job, there is speculation as to his pursuit, given the narrow victory of the BJP in its bastion

The BJP has 99 seats in the 182-seat Assembly, seven more than the 92 needed to form a government, but it’s the lowest in a long time. The Congress and its presidential allies have 80 seats.

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President BJP Amit Shah said during the campaign that the election will take place in Rupani. Because Modi was the face of the BJP in a fierce election battle, the last-minute change can not be totally ruled out, sources said.

Many people in the team wonder if the best leadership will follow someone from the Patidar community because the party is preparing for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Although patriarchs have traditionally supported the BJP, the section headed by young community leader Hardik Patel turned against the border party.

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