Here are the Top 7 Most Hated Bollywood Celebrities!

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
She is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. But the fact is equally true that she the most hated one as well. The brutality she was hurled upon, when her post-childbirth photos circulated on social media, was unimaginable. It is believed that the actresses never made many friends in Bollywood. People hate her usually for her unintelligent appearance and non-stop giggles

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2. Salman Khan
The love he is bestowed upon is equal to the hate he receives. His controversial statements are one of the main reasons behind it. Due to his provocative statement during the shooting of Sultan, many women rights activist demanded a complete ban on his movies. His tiff with Arijit Singh also developed a hatred for him in the hearts of music lovers.

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3. Katrina Kaif
Her poor acting skills and snobbish ways are the primary reasons why she ended up being on the list. She is the most hated actress in Bollywood. Her habit of giving airs to her stardom and throwing tantrums on sets gave her this reputation. Her failure to take good roles and to justify the roles she does makes her one of the poorest actors in Bollywood.

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4. Sonakshi Sinha
The Dabangg actress is the next one in the list. She was slammed for her body shaming remarks she posted on twitter. Sona was slammed many times on her social media accounts for being ambiguous. At one time she posts that she is happy in her skin and has no problem being chubby and the other time she posts a gym selfie flaunting a reduced waistline. People also feel that she bags movies only due to her father’s name and not for her acting skills.

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5. Sonam Kapoor
This actress has always been known to be a spoiled star kid. Another reason for not having many friends is that she is a motor-mouth. Sonam has been making controversial statements about other actresses which make her stand in a position of being jealous and over-competitive. Plus, her acting skills are not much impressive.
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6. Shah Rukh Khan
He is the recent one to enter the hate bandwagon. He is being hated for his choice of movie. Many believe that the filmmakers are taking the undue advantage of Shah Rukh Khan’s fandom to make nonsensical movies. His movies do a good business on box office but are rarely acclaimed by the critics.

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7. Yami Gautam
Due to her alleged affair with Pulkit Samrat, the actress has been included in the most hated list. Due to her average acting skills and her side-kick roles in the movies, she has never gained much popularity. And to add cherry to the cake, her Fair & Lovely ads have garnered an ill-reputation to the actress.

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